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Tai Chi – with David-Dorian Ross and receive Flow Motion The Beginner's Tai Chi Instructional DVD for only 1 penny more! Experience Tai Chi in Paradise Shot on a Beautiful Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii Flow Motion A Simplified Tai Chi Workout Beginner Instruction for Tai Chi That is So Simple You Can Just

T'ai Chi Beginning Practice DVD with David-Dorian Ross T'ai Chi Beginning Practice DVD with David-Dorian Ross.

A total-body workout that is more physically charged than its sister practice Qigong, this is like a martial arts dance, with breathing and mental imagery techniques that intensify the effects.

like a martial arts dance, with.

Mr. Ross, who created the TaijiFit program, is a U.S. gold-medal winner and an international master tai chi instructor, his goal in this course is to introduce you to the practice of tai chi in the gentlest way possible—by encouraging you to simply move and breathe.

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This lesson introduces you to the use of weighted tai chi balls as tools to help with body alignment and strength. The lesson includes three 20-minute workouts—one with open hands, one using two palm-sized balls, and the final workout using one larger ball. Mr. Ross explains that the entire workout is about repeating the movements over and over again to get a sense of the rhythm and to fully.

**BESTSELLING SERIES BY DAVID-DORIAN!*** FEEL THE FLOW OF TAI CHI. In Tai Chi Fit – FLOW, David-Dorian Ross gently guides you through a simple Tai Chi workout with an emphasis on continuity, connection, and your feeling of FLOW.

TONE YOUR BODY WITH TAI CHI RESISTANCE TRAINING. In Tai Chi Fusion IRON, you’ll experience the blending of Tai Chi and resistance training. Master teacher David-Dorian Ross guides you step by step through an easy-to-follow workout on a beautiful Hawaiian beach.

David-Dorian guides you through his invigorating STRENGTH workout, using empty-hand and tai chi ball moves in DVD 2 of the Tai Chi Fit series.