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Tai Chi Fitness in 20 Minutes Tai Chi Ball is an amazing whole-body exercise known for quickly improving your health. In only 20 minutes a day, you can stimulate your entire body and improve your circulation, balance, and more. Tai Chi master David-Dorian Ross guides you through a progression of easy-to-follow routines.

a short lecture on a different aspect of Taiji (Tai Chi) a 5-10 minute follow-along Taiji workout called "Flow Motion" and instruction in the movements of the world’s most popular Taiji routine; a Final Thought – advice, inspiration or philosophy from the ancient Masters.

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David-Dorian Ross is the creator of TaijiFit. It ˇs the most unique work out to come along in decades. TaijiFit is a mind/body ˝exercise ˛ that combines the best of traditional Taiji (Tai Chi) with modern Western fitness. It ˇs a workout appropriate for any age or fitness level and has you

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Rated 5 out of 5 by Bissy6 from Tai Chi Fitness workout for over 50 I bought this as soon as it came out. I will buy anything by David Dorian Ross. He is the best! Have followed him for years. I am so glad the great courses have started to implement exercise videos like the Tai Chi.