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May 19, 2014  · Connirae Andreas: The Wholeness Process is an original way of spiritual awakening and of transforming or healing our human problems. It addresses the.

Connirae’s most recent work, the Wholeness Process, is the result of her personal struggle with health issues, plus an exploration of modeling what has usually been considered “the unknowable.” The result is a simple and highly effective of therapy and personal growth.

Having now coached for 6 live Wholeness Trainings (5 with Connirae Andreas, and 1 with Tamara Andreas), Mark has been using Wholeness Work with individual clients, and introducing people to Wholeness Work at conferences around the US. He will be teaching Wholeness in Russia this Fall.

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Coming to Wholeness is an interview with Connirae Andreas at Conscious Life in London. Join us as Connirae explores the processes of awakening. To enjoy The Wholeness Process.

The Wholeness Process by Connirae Andreas. NOTE: This blogpost is a product review of Connirae Andreas new online video training known as The Wholeness Process. When you buy this product from any of the links on here I’ll make a little bit of money.

The Wholeness Work: A Complete Individual Session Life-enhancing NLP books, CDs, & DVDs.

Sarah has no background information about the process, so Connirae sets.

Connirae developed and tested this process in 1989, first teaching it in early 1990. She co-authored the book Core Transformation and the new Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet with her sister, Tamara Andreas.