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The Listening Program.

ACHIEVE is an intermediate to experienced level program developed for older children, teens, and adults seeking changes.

attention; concentration; ACHIEVE increases mental performance by training the brain with evidence-based music to process information more efficiently. inTime is a dynamic, rhythm-based music.

For the online course please book directly with Advanced Brain Technologies by following the link below.

Upon completion of any of the training options you will be recognised as an ABT Certified Provider of The Listening Program.

Advanced Brain Technologies – The Listening Program Level 1 The Listening Program is a Music Listening Therapy, that Provides engaging Brain stimulation to Improve Performance in School, Work and Life.

Green’s brain scans “were not pretty,” recalls Joel Kramer, PsyD, who directs the center’s neuropsychology program.

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RECEIVE A PERSONALIZED BRAIN WELLNESS PLAN. Every brain is different. With the most advanced brain imaging technology and comprehensive evaluation process, we can see what traditional medical practices often miss. By looking at how the brain functions, we’re able to provide a more accurate diagnosis so you can receive a more targeted treatment plan.

The Listening Program® is a way to expand on the services you currently offer, and enhance the overall experience for your clients.

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Certified Provider for "The Listening Program" Advanced Brain Technologies.

Advanced Brain Technologies.

ALL The Listening Program has to offer with several personalized program options, full reporting, progress tracking, up to 30 minutes of daily listening, and much more. And, you get to work with a trained listening coach who will help you get the best possible results for improved brain performance.

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Each LEVEL ONE system comes with a free bonus library of additional music from Advanced Brain Technologies. For more information, see The Listening Program with custom playlists. DOWNLOAD DETAIL (VIP MEMBER ONLY):

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The most widely used series in The Listening Program® LEVEL ONE is flexible; offering a foundational to experienced level program for improving brain function and mental abilities at any age. To accommodate individual listener preferences, LEVEL ONE is available in two options: music only, or blended with beautiful sounds of nature.

PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION Cameron began The Listening Program®, Base Schedule, 15 minutes twice a day, five days per week, on July 22, 2003. He began by listening to the Sensory Integration CD for the first two weeks. The first day he took the headphones off early. The second day, he was fine and listened for a full session both times.