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Apr 30, 2008  · MartialTalk.Com – Friendly Martial Arts Forum Community.

Dr. John M. La Tourrette.

What I did find neat about Dr. Bandler is his awareness and usuages of different energies of the body.

specifically locations, size, and directions of negative and positive thought processes, and how they are located in the body directionally from outside.

Sep 29, 2008  · John La Tourrette Ph.D. “Even if You Can Do Miracles You Will be Called Certifiably Insane by the Left Brainers!”.

Have you ever attempted to ‘tell’ people about what you can do with the use of your mind, your emotions and your energies in the psychic field?

John La Tourette – Kahuna Attractor John La Tourette – Kahuna Attractor “John La Tourette – Kahuna Attractor Download (Kahuna $exual Stimulant Drill) “Looking.

" The Ten-Second Energy Declogger"! BY Dr. John La Tourrette "Great Energy" "Looking for a Simple 10-Second Energy-Solution WITHOUT The two-to-four Years of Clinical-Bull-shit?" "The Ten-Second Energy-DECLOGGER"!.

His energies was so clogged that he looked like a fat-pear with skinny-legs. His energy had BALLOONED-OUT AT THE WAIST AND HIPS.

Jul 26, 2013  · The Kahuna Energy Disk is a tool to help your immune system function more effectively. The Kahuna Energy Disk has a special "vibration" that.

Clinical Healing Energies Exchange has 2,626 members. He just sent me an email. "Hey Doc John La Tourrette. I wanted to share something pretty awesome with you.